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Possibly homosexual?
Must remember to investigate further.
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I'm addicted to Skins. Is it Thursday yet?!
Cheryl - Yayayayayay
I love Sara Benincasa and Diana Saez so fucking much. I hope they never quit.

ETA: Yesterday's was great too.

Shit, they always are.

16th-Sep-2008 05:53 am - lolwhat
Cheryl - Hai Kimba
I've slept 3 hours in the last 30 something. This is the result of that.
1 .This mix almost entirely consists of R&B ~jams~ from the 90s.
2. There are a ton of other songs I wanted to include on this mix but couldn't find them.
3. Track 3 is actually "Xscape - My Little Secret "and it cuts off at the end.
4. Track 8 is by Zapp & Roger.
5. This is srs bsns.

13th-Jun-2008 02:24 pm - LISTEN NOW


30th-Aug-2006 02:14 pm(no subject)
All you need is time.
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